>>"Others may choose the 'A' students... We choose to produce them."

Our Success Life Skills

  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

  • Social Intelligence

  • Agility & Adaptability

  • Initiative & Entrepreneurialism

  • Effective Oral & Written Communication

  • ICT Savviness

  • Creativity


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09 April 2020
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Principal’s Message

“A balanced education is one that trains the body and mind to act rationally and be able to adapt to the changing needs of the world”.

Education in Thames Valley College centres on excellence in academics, skill acquisition, entrepreneurship and outstanding virtues. This is an attempt to make every child relevant and to fit into their emerging world which underscore our vision of providing a global standard education in an international environment.

Clearly unique about us is the 7 Success Life Skills that fosters self-reliance and entrepreneurship. They include; creativity, agility & Adaptability, ICT savviness, effective written and oral communication, social intelligence, initiative & entrepreneurship and Critical thinking & problem solving. We believe that every child is endowed with potential and our commitment is to discover and harness such. We embrace and follow best practice in teaching and learning as well as in general administration. This explains why we have teachers that are highly qualified both in competence and in character.

We consider extremely important, the moral and spiritual development of every child and we inculcate in them the virtues of discipline, honesty, and mutual respect that promote peaceful coexistence. Our boarding and care giving system is exceptional. It is a home away from home. It also provides an opportunity for absolute attention to the students including those with learning challenges through the progress class.

For physical and mental alertness, our students engage in indoor games and other sporting activities given our purpose built sports complex. Finally, the College leadership is visionary, well focused and highly experienced.

We believe learning should be fun and creative to awake in the students a sense of curiosity, while teaching should be interactive and engaging for students to have a voice in the learning process.

In the same manner, we believe teaching should create real world connection with the ultimate goal of having lifelong learners. So, I warmly welcome you to visit the school and I look forward to having you become a member of the Thames Valley College community which is an experience you will gladly share with others.

Femi Omotosho
Thames Valley College



To provide Global Standard Education in an International Environment.


Thames Valley College prepares children for the present and the future through a balanced, wide ranging and challenging curriculum that develops skills and personal attributes which will enable them to become honourable, responsible, discipline leaders of their own communities, their country and the world at large.


Random Testimonials

  • Everything here is so fantastic and I pray God will continue to take control.

    Mr Balogun, Ikorodu, Lagos
  • Well organized institution. Brilliant tour guide and very educative quotes on the wall. Impressive and real environment.

    Mr Shotayo,