College Academic Block

Thames Valley College is a purpose-built co educational international secondary school, with full boarding facilities, offering Nigeria/British Curriculum and located on a 30 acre, serene and secured environment, outside the hustle and bustle of the surrounding towns and cities. The school has opened its gates to students since September (2013/2014) Academic Session.

In today’s fast changing world, our children need to be inspired and groomed to keep up with the pace and challenge  of changing world which has been reduced to a global village. International education implies training and learning that will prepare its beneficiaries to successfully function and adapt wherever they may found themselves in the future. At Thames Valley College, we have carefully researched and put together all that children would require to be in control and succeed in the fast and ever changing game of life.

At Thames Valley College, we believe every child has a bright future, if carefully guided. That is why we go the extra mile to bring out their innate abilities and talents irrespective of how they stand today.
Our crop of highly professional and experienced teachers identify each child’s learning pattern and employ such in teaching each child.

The School seeks to be ranked among the best five Top International School in Nigeria in the following areas:

  • Education Service Delivery
  • Academic performance in externally moderated / terminal examinations
  • Lifestyle skills and Values
  • Safe and Conducive Academic Environment
  • Selected Sport Activities.