Thames Valley College is a full boarding school established to accommodate over 600 students. The hostels are constructed in such a manner to model a conventional home where the students are coming from. That is why we refer to the hostels as Boys House and Girls House.

We have six boarding houses: three for boys and three for girls. Each of the houses is constructed to accommodate 100 students. The houses are different from the conventional dormitory system as obtainable in most boarding schools.

There are twenty four rooms in each house both on the ground floor and upper floor with four students in each room. This is done to prevent over-crowding and also to make the students have a level of privacy. Each room is en-suite with four beds, a wardrobe for each student, air-conditioner and water heater.

Each ground level has a house parent who mentors the students in collaboration with Teachers on Duty.
Our accommodation is a luxurious and comfortable abode for our students. It is designed not just to provide rest from a rigorous daily academic life but to promote learning and fellowship.

The houses have a binding constitution which governs the conducts of everyone living in the houses. On a weekly basis, the students in each house have a parliamentary council meeting to address various issues as they pertain to their houses.

As the students are under the care of the school for a certain period of time, then feeding becomes an essential part which is given utmost check and monitoring. Our kitchen employees are seasoned professionals with a wide range of years of experience. The food time-table is well planned to ensure a balanced diet.

Health is one of the major aspects we do not toy with in our school. The medical status of every child in our citadel of learning is known by the medical practitioners. This gives them a clue on how each of them might react medically. Members of our medical team are resident within the college. This is to make them available any time necessary.

As we cater for the academic and social life of the students, we do not leave out the spiritual growth. This aspect is well handled as each religious group is appropriately and adequately catered for.

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