Mr. Nurudeen Adeyemo Fagbenro
Education is a powerful tool to change human lives. I passionately believe that human potential is limited by the quality of education one receives and the quality of education is limited by the environment where education is received, teachers, school culture, and orientation of one’s school mates. My experiences in life clearly demonstrate this.

The quality of education I received in my adulthood makes me to question the quality of my early education. It is this antithesis that has stirred up in me an interest in the education of young minds. Secondary education is very important. It is where mistakes in primary school education are corrected. It is also the place where critical preparations for Colleges/Universities and adult life are consummated. It is a place to form strategic lifelong friendship. The concept of Thames Valley College is largely built on these realizations. Therefore, as a founder and pioneer chairman of Board of Governors, I promise every Stakeholder in Thames Valley College project that we shall run a child-centred school that brings about healthy development of our young ones.

The Board of Governors has developed a comprehensive strategy to achieve the outlined Mission and Objectives of Thames Valley College. We will provide a global standard education in an international environment. We will work with all stakeholders to develop a strong academic culture within a strong ethical environment. While we welcome students from all parts of the world including Nigerians in diaspora, we strongly align ourselves with Nigeria’s educational objectives which include “raising a generation of people who can think for themselves, respect the views and feelings of others, and respect the dignity of labour’’ and ’’inspire its students with a desire for self-improvement and achievement of excellence’’ . Proven management system and personnel, who possess substantial and broad experience in student education and boarding, have been put in place to run the school and all members of the Board of Governors are committed to global best practices on sustainable basis.

I thank you for your interest in Thames Valley College.