Thursday 6th of October 2016 was quite an interesting yet enlightening day in the lives of our junior school students who went out in the company of some of their teachers on a learning visit to one of our top notch companies in Nigeria: Nigeria Bottling Company in Ikeja Lagos.
The Nigerian Bottling Company plc (NBC) a member of the Coca-cola Hellenic Bottling Company Group (an anchor bottling group operating in 28 countries worldwide)is popularly known in Nigeria for producing coca-cola drinks/beverages such as,coca-cola classic&coke zero,fanta orange,pineapple,apple and sprite,Eva table water,five alive fruit juice etc.
Our students were given the opportunity to witness some of the processes involved in bottling and packaging of fanta soft drink. They were also exposed to some machines used for production&packaging as well as the functions of such machines.Some of these machines include,the filling machine,labelling machine,the laser beam,the variopac machine to mention but a few.
Some of the topics taught in different subject areas like: chemistry,home economics,physics,basic technology,social studies and business studies became vivid to Our students while on the learning trip to NBC.