Students at Thames Valley College are endowed with good moral and academic behaviour. This dictates our prudence in the choice of the staff we employ. We are committed to providing an all-round, balanced and resourceful education for our students. No wonder they feel more comfortable in personally brooding over issues, critically thinking about issues. This gives them the confidence to ask their teachers challenging questions. Thames Valley College is a one family community where students, teachers, parents and the leadership shield work as a team.

The minimum qualifications for teaching at Thames Valley College are Bachelor of Education Degree and any recognized internationally issued certificates in the subject area of application with not less than three years of cognate experience. In addition to this, any related certificate issued by any recognised international educational institution will also be considered. Master’s Degree is an added advantage. All efforts must be made to justify or prove the worth of any certificate tendered for work in our college. The working ethos in our college is not exclusively defined by certificates.

As a school that is poised to be among the five leading schools in Nigeria, the most enviable display of professionalism is required from our staff as we believe the quality of lesson delivery, extracurricular activities and students depends on the quality of the teachers. In order to keep abreast of the latest development in the education world, Thames Valley College teachers are adventurers of knowledge locally and internationally. We place premium on Progressive Career Development (PCD), we turn our compass to the direction that aligns with our vision.

The world is swiftly moving away from the traditional white board to e-learning with the use of interactive white boards and that’s why we place priority in staff trainings in the aspects of full and resourceful use of interactive white boards, Educational Management Information System (EMIS) for weekly assessment for learning, e-library, and regular management of our website in term of contents and structure. Regular discussion fora through which new discoveries, skills and ideas are shared among members of staff and the teaming approach of getting things achieved have been the bedrock of the ideal learning community that prevails. TVC provides an inspiring and pleasant platform that ensures teachers’ maximum potentials are discovered and put into the service of the college.

If you desire to join the one pleasant and big academic community at Thames Valley College, competitive salary package with onsite accommodation are among the unique benefits you stand to enjoy.