The social programmes are well planned without conflicting with academic programmes.

See below the social activities we engage in at Thames Valley College.

  1. Talent/Treasure Hunt
  2. Social Night (a.k.a Asun Night)
  3. Photo Day – find some people skilled in makeup, styling, photography, etc, set up a photo booth, and take photos of people
  4. Quiz and Debate and Public Speaking
  5. Bush/Camp fires
  6. Open Mics – share your talent!
  7. Pot lucks – fun if you have themes
  8. Costume & Character Days/ Cultural Day
  9. Student Film/Art/Music/Writing Festivals
  10. Poetry Slams
  11. International Fairs – have people set up booths representing a different country
  12. Historical Parties – come as a moment/person in history
  13. An Olympics-like event, but make the games unusual. Solo Synchronized Swimming, maybe (dancing in water)
  14. Auctions
  15. Jumble sales