At Thames Valley College, we value the moral and spiritual development of our students. We make provision for religious worship for both Christians and Muslim Students.

There are separate chapels within the College for Catholic and Pentecostal worshipers. Christian Students regularly observe Fellowship on Fridays and on Sundays where invited Ministers among the parents, staff and other respected Guest preachers officiates the services.

Likewise, Catholic students observe their daily rosary prayers and Sunday mass in the school with the Catholic Priest from the Parish within our neigbourhood. Confessions and Benediction are equally observed when required. Also during lent, the students observe Stations of the Cross.

The Muslim students aside from five times daily Prayers (Salat), on Fridays, they observe Jumat Services and engage in the Islamic Classes on Sunday by learning the Quran and the recitation with its meaning, while during the Month of Ramadan, Sahur and Iftar are usually prepared and they also observe Taraweeh.

Above all, our commitment is to ensure that all students are raised to be disciplined and to have good values.