Mrs Juliet Lamin: Founder Cardiac Arrest Foundation UK paid a visit to Thames Valley College on Tuesday 7th June 2016 as part of her passionate desire to reduce the risk of sudden death in young adolescents due to cardiac arrest.
In addition to her speech was a documentary titled ‘Flatline’. Flatline recounts the story of people who have lost their lives due to cardiac arrest and a few who survived because of the availability of a Defibrillator. It also includes the story of Philip Lamin the 16 year old only son of Mrs Juliet Lamin who lost his life on the football pitch after scoring an inspiring goal. There was a chance that Philip could have still been alive if his school had a Defibrillator on that fateful day.
Mrs Lamin demonstrated how a CPR can be done and the importance of a defibrillator as a device that can minimize sudden death related to cardiac arrest in young adolescents. She also emphasized the need for schools in Nigeria and all over the world to purchase at least one Defibrillator as a device that can save the lives of our students from sudden death.

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